dimanche 18 mai 2014

# 90 # It's time to Wearable Vampire Queen Throne @ Boudoir & :)(: :)(: Vanina Platform Boots/ :)(: Kaina Leather set @ PixelFashion

Wearable Vampire Queen Throne : Boudoir
Your legs hurt? 
No place to sit ? 
Wear your own furniture ! 
Throne should be worn as an attachment,wearing automatically starts an fabulous sit animation so you can relax after long day ! 
Throne comes in 3 version : With female blood doll, male blood doll and naked male blood doll !Throne are not meant to be rezzed it is wearable item only !

Animation won't work if you rezz it and it has lots of prims so wear it and enjoy ! 
To adjust throne to your shape,click on it and resize menu will pop up in your upper right corner of screen,resize as much you need and put throne in right position !
:)(: Vanina Platform Boots & :)(: Kaina Leather set ( Mini Skirt & Top) Mesh - 28 Colors
 - All Colors- Fitted Mesh -Classic Avatars + Eve Avatars compatible Version v2.00
Hair : ILLMATIC :Emora - Noir Skin : Dream Ink Skin and Tattoo 

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