mardi 13 mai 2014

# 88 # It's time to Snow White Deluxe pack @ Boudoir & Amita @ EMO-tion

Snow White Deluxe pack : Boudoir

This amazing Snow White Deluxe pack contains:
Complete Snow White outfit (including mesh dress in 5 standard sizes, mesh puffy sleeves in 5 standard sizes, chest and head red ribbon, matching red shoes), WEARABLE Snow White coffin in 2 versions (with or without glass cover), optional also wearable animals ,rezzable low prim version of coffin (5 land impact) with 2 sitting points - one for Snow White(3 different lying in coffin poses) and one for "prince" (kneeing next to coffin in 3 different version) Everything is copy/modify except coffins, but wearable coffins has resize script inside so you can easy adjust it to your needs!
Hair : .:EMO-tions..* AMITA *

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