mardi 28 janvier 2014

# 44 # It's time to Cursed Bride @ Boudoir & V.s.o.p hair @ Iconic

Cursed Bride costume : Boudoir
Hundreds of men have died in a hopeless search for the right key to her heart. 
This merciless dame won't let anyone win her love. 
She seduces and she kills for the path to pleasure
 is spiked with pain and lives are lost in vain.
This amazing costume contains : Leather mesh corset in 5 standard sizes,gown skirt decorated with skulls, chains, spider webs and skeletons, attached keyhole on chest and matching rusty crown !

# 43 # It's time to The Butterflies Anderian Gown & Headpiece @ Topazia & Judith Hair & Elbensoul Gatcha Circlet, Earring, necklace for Fantasy Gacha Carnival @ EMO-tion

The butterflies Anderian gown and headpiece : Topazia
Hair : .:EMO-tions..* JUDITH *
Elbensoul Gatcha Circlet, Earring, necklace for Fantasy Gacha Carnival by .:EMO-tions..

# 42 # It's time to Yashi dress @ Désir & Legolan Hair @ EMO-tion

Yashi dress @ Désir
Necklace KALUHA 100% mesh & rigged & LEGOLAN hair :  .:EMO-tions..

jeudi 23 janvier 2014

# 39 # It's time to a Tribute to MVW2014 Miss Belize Spirit Llewellyn 's National Costume @ - Son!a - & Tariel Hair @ EMO-tion

Hair : .:EMO-tions..* TARIEL* 
MVW2014 Miss Belize Spirit Llewellyn 's National Costume @ Son!a
Inspired by Mayan temples that are an integral part of Belizian History along with the Sun symbol which in Mayan culture means awareness and enlightenment. 
Miss Belize wanted to showcase the national Bird of Belize,
the Toucan with it's bold colors and distinctive markings.

vendredi 17 janvier 2014

# 36 # It's time to Catch my Bouquet @ Boudoir & Shelby @ Emo-tion

Catch my Bouquet dress come with sculpt skirt and special AO : Boudoir
Hair : .:EMO-tions..* SHELBY *
Skin : Dream Ink Skin and Tattoo
Son!a Serra jewelry set silver/gold rubis

# 35 # It's time to Tie my Ribbon @ Boudoir & Amita @ Emo-tion

 Tie my Ribbon is new dress : Boudoir
Hair AMITA :  .:EMO-tions..
Shoes Helena 12colors : Redgrave

# 34 # It's time to Coco Lingerie Noir @ Boudoir

This beautiful sexy lingerie set contains : Mesh lace Coco lingerie set in 5 standard sizes, black sheer stockings, nude pasties and panties which you can tint it in edit mode to match with your skin and chest and back ribbons !
Coco Lingerie Noir : Boudoir
Hair Yeah : Analog Hair

Skin : Dream Ink Skin and Tattoo

jeudi 16 janvier 2014

# 33 # It's time to Mon Chéri @ Boudoir & Love Hair @ Emo-tion

This beautiful sexy lingerie babydoll set contains : Mesh transparent babydoll in 5 standard sizes, lace mask and matching thong, gloves, stockings and ribbons !
Mon Chéri outfit : Boudoir
Hair LOVE :  .:EMO-tions..

# 32 # It's time to Baroque Burlesque - Le Mort d'Amour @ Boudoir

 Baroque Burlesque - Le Mort d'Amour 

This amazing baroque burlesque costume contains:black hair with red roses wreath around the skull decoration (check out amazing details), mesh black sequin strapless bra in 6 standard sizes, mesh under bust corset in 5 standard sizes, baroque short skirt with open front decorated with red roses and skull, black stockings with matching garters and panties and matching shoes with resize script inside !
Baroque Burlesque - Le Mort d'Amour outfit : Boudoir