dimanche 18 mai 2014

# 89 # It's time to Head Hunter @ Boudoir & :)(: Kaina Boots Mesh @ PixelFashion

Head Hunter : Boudoir
These awesome armor outfit contains : Mesh spiked bra in at least 5 standard sizes, mesh matching thong panties also in at least 5 standard sizes, chest armor, forearms and upper arms armors, chest and pelvis strings, non scripted sword, leg ropes, left leg armor part and left and right hand version wearable trident with two human heads attached on it ! Wearing trident automatically starts an holding animation-just pick in which hand you'll like to hold it ! Everything in folder is modify/copy except trident which is copy only but it has resize script inside so you'll be able to adjust it if you need so !

:)(: Kaina Boots Mesh - All Colors- Fitted Mesh -Classic Avatars + Eve Avatars compatible Version v2.00Hair : ILLMATIC :Emora - Noir 
Skin : Dream Ink Skin and Tattoo 

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