dimanche 22 décembre 2013

# 29 # It's time to a Tribute to MVW2014 Anjelica Dress @ - Azul -

I am very proud to present you the fantastic dress 
Anjelica Carling Mvw2014 was wearing for the great final show when she was crowned
-AZUL- Anjelica (MESH)
for Anjelica Carling :Miss Virtual World 2014 8colors + 100pcs limited
~Soedara~ Gayat al-Muna Tiara {Gold}
An exotic and valuable piece of jewelry, suitable for all creatures in every RP realm, whether it be Harem girls, Elfs, mermaids or those of High Caste in Medieval Realms
Necklace *MOONSHADOW* (combines flexi+unrigged mesh) by .:EMO-tions:.
Hair : .:EMO-tions..* YERIAK *
Skin : Dream Ink Skin and Tattoo
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