dimanche 24 novembre 2013

# 13 # It's time to ~subOrdination~ by ~Soedara~ Chastity Latex Harness

Chastity Latex Harness. Sexy, taunting and bold!
This Latex Harness offers you the choice between a *Classic* Latex look and a more *Fancy* Latex look showing a intricate design etched in the latex
Choose between 4 different metals. 
* Gold 
* Bronze 
* Black 
* Metal

Can be worn with LOLA breasts!
The Chastity Latex Harness comes with the following items: 
1. Two Chastity Latex harness. One is scripted with Open Collar Scripts and Modifiable, easy to add your own animations! 
2. Studded Wrist Cuff; Scripted, chains run from Wrist-Ankles 
3. Studded Ankle Cuffs; Scripted, chains run from Ankles-Wrist 
4. HUD. Intuitive and easy. Offers you the choice between classic or decorated latex and 4 kinds of metal for the studs on your harness.
Hair : ICONIC Diva

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